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The Tyros Biopharma team consists of seasoned managers, scientists, and senior executives who have worked for leading multinational and Canadian pharmaceutical companies. Commercial expertise and resources within Tyros consist of unparalleled experience in women’s health with all levels of management, from Executive VP to sales representatives, having worked in women’s health for decades.

National Strategies

Our national strategies focus on strengthening trade commitment and increasing brand awareness amongst physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. We aggressively promote our products through a wide range of innovative marketing and sales activities.

Industry Expertise

Tyros Biopharma medical sales representatives are skilled professionals who work with obstetricians, gynecologists and family physicians across Canada and support the women’s health community with sponsorship and participation in conferences and membership with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (SOGC).

Global Partnerships

Established in building strong relationships through innovative and transparent approaches, Tyros Biopharma is continuously seeking new partnerships in our women’s health field, with other Canadian and multinational pharmaceutical companies.